Looking Back on 2013

2013 was a pretty amazing year. It started out with me celebrating one year at LivingSocial in January. Working at LivingSocial was an amazing experience for me both personally and professionally. I met people there that I have learned so much from and some I have been fortunate enough to call my closest friends.

January was also an emotional whirlwind of happiness for others and sadness for me. A couple of my friends left the DC area to go move into new adventures in San Francisco and Berlin. It sort of broke up the band a little, but we used the powers of the internets to stay connected.

In March/April, I left LivingSocial for a new opportunity at GitHub. It is now December and I can’t imagine a more amazing work environment. I am surrounded with an awesome team working on a project that I love. There is really nothing more I could ask for in a work environment. GitHub being in San Francisco also opened up a opportunity for me to travel more so it was great that I got to see my SF friends.

My sister got remarried at the end of April and I was told to expect a new niece of newphew in January (not a shotgun wedding, but close!).

Mixed in the next couple of months was more sadness with friends taking off to San Francisco (AGAIN!), but I did get to see them. I spent some time in SF onboarding some new team members and got to hang out in our new office during GitHub summit which was the first time I got to meet a lot of my coworkers face to face. I spent the summer getting settled in at work and dealing with a lot of imposter syndrome and sadness that I was sort of alone in DC.

In October I went to the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference with some of the other GitHub ladies. It is an amazing conferece, I expect to attend next year and suggest that everyone else does well… both women and men. October was a crazy busy month with hanging out in NYC for Brooklyn Beta (which some tasty drinks here were my undoing for the year), SassConf and then heading to Ohio for a week of team hack housing. Wrapped up the month with the GitHub halloween party and support mini summit in SF, which has at this point become a second home.

November was pretty peaceful just hanging out in DC and taking a rest of the whirlwind that was October.

Now we are into December, my sister baby decided to make a pre-Christmas showing so I now have a newphew and am spending the rest of the year just hanging with my family and doing low key holiday stuff.

All in all, 2013 has been pretty great.

So whats next? Well DC has treated me pretty well, it is a great city, close to my family and I have a great apartment… but it is time for a change. In the next couple months I will be wrapping up things here and head to San Francisco. I am looking forward to having access to work in an office as well as hanging out with all my friends who headed west this year. I will miss the ease of seeing my family, but between quarterly trips home and google hangouts, I think the kids will see more of me then they want!

Happy holidays to everyone! Mercy up before the new year!